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Content on this website

  • Home: The homepage is where I regularly post updated about new videos.

  • Biography: Read about me, how I started playing and what my influences are.

  • Videos: On this page you can watch my YouTube videos.

  • MP3s: In this section you can download the audio tracks from my videos.

  • Backing Tracks: I offer backing tracks for free so you can play along with the songs and make your own version.

  • Tabs: Here you can download the tabs that I made for all my YouTube videos.

  • Tones: Get a description of how I create my sound and if you own any Line 6 gear, you can download the presets that I used on my recordings here.

  • Gear: Get information about the guitars, effects, recording equipment and other stuff that I use.

  • Recording: If you'd like to know how I record my songs and videos, check this page.

  • Tips: Read some playing tips that I think are really important to become a good guitar player.

  • FAQ: You can find the questions that I receive the most and my answers on this page.

  • Contact: Contact me about the website and videos or if you have any questions.